Rental Options

While we don’t offer 3 months free, we do promise not to raise the price of your rental unit for the life of the unit.

Local. Unlike our larger competitors, Emke Schaab ClimateCare tries to make renting convenient and hassle free. In fact, if you aren’t happy with our equipment, we will remove it for free. We also don’t charge delivery fees, removal fees, or basic installation charges (see exclusions below for what isn’t covered). Why do we do this? Because we’re your neighbours – our service technicians, owners and office staff all live in the area and many are involved in community events or groups.

Convenience. Offering preauthorized payments through the bank and credit cards, we remove the hassle of remembering monthly payments. For customers who prefer to have a copy of their invoice, we can email or mail the invoice to you at no extra charge.

Moving? There is a lot to remember when you’re buying or selling a home. If you have a rental with Emke Schaab ClimateCare, please call us when you have sold your home and we’ll get your realtor’s name and number, so we can contact the new home owner and set the rental up in their name. For you, changing it over is as easy as a phone call or email. Plus, there are no fees to change accounts!

Service. Emke Schaab ClimateCare offers 24/7 service to all of our valued customers. For our rental customers, it means that in an emergency, you will receive same day emergency service and it is included in your rental price! No expensive repairs. If the gas valve goes on your water heater on a weekend, a repair could cost upwards of $350 plus HST. With a rental unit, that repair would be included.

Buy out. Should you change your mind and want to buy out your rental unit, a buyout option is always available. Half of each months payment goes towards your buy out price.

Exclusions. What isn’t included in your rental and may mean an extra install or service fee? For your water heater – the Mixing Valve, which is building code to install; gas piping over 5 feet; electrical wiring; excessive venting. Your water softener includes the first bag of salt and res-up (if applicable), but any future salt or res-up is extra. A service call that is a result of customer tampering – no hot water due to gas valve being adjusted for example.

Rental Water Heaters:

Our water heaters come in electric, gas and propane tank options. The electric units are usually 40USG and 60USG, however we can get smaller options for you if desired. Our natural gas and propane options are available in 40USG and 50USG and are offered in Chimney vented and Power Vented models. Contact our office for more information.

Rental Water Treatment:

Grey-Bruce water is hard and it has iron. This can be a real pain. That is why we offer rental water softeners, iron filters, and combination units. Our office will complete a complimentary water test to find out the hardness of your water and if iron is the concern, we will ship it to our manufacturer’s lab for a full hardness and iron analysis.

Water Softeners are available in cabinet, twin tank and mini-cabinet models depending on water usage and space available. There is also the water softener/iron filter combination which is available in a twin tank model and is an option if your iron level is under 7.5ppm. For heavy iron levels, there is a standalone iron filter. We offer two different chemical free models and some of the newer models don’t require a large expansion tank to operate.

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