How Does a $1500 Rebate Towards Your
ClimateCare Home Comfort System Sound?

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
Take the first step towards claiming your rebate

There are a few reasons to purchase a new air conditioner, furnace, or indoor air quality product from ClimateCare.
• To protect and invest in your family’s comfort and safety.
• To add value to your home.
Here’s another one: When you purchase selected ClimateCare products, you can claim up to $1500 in cash rebates.

What ClimateCare products are eligible for the rebate?

Need a new furnace to handle Old Man Winter? Looking for a new air conditioner to keep you cool in the blazing summer heat?

The following ClimateCare branded products with the following model numbers qualify for the rebate:

No hassle. No hoops. No headaches.
Just a chance to claim up to $1500.

At ClimateCare, we believe you shouldn’t have to work hard to get back money that’s rightfully yours.
That’s why we’ve made it really easy for you to claim your rebate:
• Purchase and install your ClimateCare product.
• Upon installation, ClimateCare will give you a maximum rebate of $650. Customer is responsible for the IESO rebate portion.

Take the first step towards claiming up to $1500 by contacting us today.
March 12, 2018

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