Commercial Services


We have technicians trained by Carrier on how to operate the VVT Controls. These controls use programmed laptops to monitor the comfort level of buildings. Emke Schaab is currently using VVT Controls in Arenas, Schools, Medical Clinics and Hospitals.

Using three components of the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN), Emke Schaab can connect from a laptop right to the controls for each unit to figure out and fix communication errors between systems. This allows for the temperature to be changed or the system defaults to be adjusted as necessary. These PC based systems provide a single entry point to the entire network from remote access or connected directly to the unit. Maintenance staff can also be set up to access the system, so the program can be monitored on site.

Backflow Testing

Does your business have a backflow preventor? If so, your municipality may require an annual test to ensure it is working. Even if it isn’t required, getting your backflow preventor tested regularly is recommended to ensure it is operating properly. Emke Schaab has technicians trained to do just that. Our technicians are trained to check, repair and install both Double Check Valve and Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow preventors. Our office even keeps track of when backflow checks are completed, so that we can easily schedule checks annually. For buildings located within the Municipality of Brockton, the office can send a copy of the report directly to the Municipality for the customer. A completed copy of the form will be left on site for the customer or mailed with the invoice.

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Commercial Installations

New Builds, Restorations, or Replacements

Emke Schaab has extensive experience in all aspects of the commercial installation field. Our resume includes schools, hospitals, medical clinics, arenas, provincial parks, local businesses, farms, office buildings and more. We’ve worked with local contractors and large general contractors. Our commercial department can handle almost anything.

Our commercial estimators work hard quoting, planning, and supervising all commercial contracts we work on, so your project is in good hands. A proper set of plans allows them to properly quote the work with equipment to the architect and engineer’s specifications. At the completion of work, a maintenance manual can be assembled by our office staff for your reference.

Contact our commercial administrator for more information or to request a quote.

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial heating, cooling and plumbing systems can get complicated. Take care of your system with regular maintenance. Contact our commercial office today.

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